7 Terrible Effects of Travel

So I recently reflected on my post-travel depression and the terrible effects of the travel bug.

Terrible Effect 1 – Plane Ticket Obsession

I will be busy with something none-travel related when suddenly I wonder how much a plane ticket would be to some remote town! I drop everything and start searching for the cheapest flights to this remote town.

Terrible Effect 2 – Planning The Trip

Why stop with flights when I can check hostel prices, local activities, the surrounding area, visas and much more? Within in 15 minutes I have a rough itinerary and budget going; already thinking on when I could start saving up for this trip.

Terrible Effect 3 – The Conversion Illness

Whenever I consider buying anything, I immediately start converting it to the local currency of the places I’ve been to. Euro, Dirham, Pula and Tanzanian Shilling are but a few of the currencies I have come to know well. Usually I end up not even using the money, already thinking that the 20 Euro could pay for one night at a hostel.

Terrible Effect 4 – So Many Places, So Little Time

At any given time I probably have at least 5 trips being planned in my mind, if not more. Most of these trips spread across multiple countries and how I can create even more trips. I have had slight panic attacks when I think of how little time I have to see all the places I have planned.

Terrible Effect 5 – All Conversations Turn To Travel

Most of my conversations revert to something I did in another country. From the tea I had in Galway, to black pudding in Dublin, karaoke in Dar es Salaam and the dodgy policemen in Pretoria; my conversations always go back to travel.

Terrible Effect 6 – Post-Travel Depression

I strongly believe that Post-Travel Depression is a very serious condition! Whenever I return from a trips and have to go back to work and normal life, the dull feeling settles in and for a few weeks I struggle to concentrate on anything other than the great trip I just had.

Terrible Effect 7 – You Believe There Is A Cure

Before my first trip to Ireland I thought my restlessness would come to an end when I returned, but this was not the case. After my second trip to Ireland I thought that maybe this time things will be easier, still not the case. Since then each trip has only worsens the itchiness that plaques my feet. The travel bug can never be cured!

The Solutions?

Well I have a solution, a solution so simple that anyone could thought of; just never stop traveling.

Simple, I know, but it remains. Just keep on traveling and you won’t have to cure the travel bug. I am a firm believer that we were not meant to remain in one place for too long, we need to see the world. Traveling influences our lives in so many wonderful ways, why would you want to stop?

Do you relate to any of these terrible effects? Are there any other you can think of? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this rather off piece that came to me while driving home on afternoon. Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe!



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