7 Terrible Effects of Travel

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So I recently reflected on my post-travel depression and the terrible effects of the travel bug.

Terrible Effect 1 – Plane Ticket Obsession

I will be busy with something none-travel related when suddenly I wonder how much a plane ticket would be to some remote town! I drop everything and start searching for the cheapest flights to this remote town.

Terrible Effect 2 – Planning The Trip

Why stop with flights when I can check hostel prices, local activities, the surrounding area, visas and much more? Within in 15 minutes I have a rough itinerary and budget going; already thinking on when I could start saving up for this trip.

Terrible Effect 3 – The Conversion Illness

Whenever I consider buying anything, I immediately start converting it to the local currency of the places I’ve been to. Euro, Dirham, Pula and Tanzanian Shilling are but a few of the currencies…

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