Mwtalume Weekend – Traffic and Waves

It was decided that the Mwalume weekend would commence on a Friday afternoon at around 05:20 pm.

Trucks and Traffic

There wasn’t too much traffic at first, that was until we left Johannesburg behind and we came to a stand still. We firmly believed that the traffic would clear up in about 15 minutes or so.

4 hours later we had only moved a few meters and the traffic persisted. Tired and irritated, we decided to investigate the cause of the accident, only to find a truck having driven off of the bridge. We then decided it would be better to turn around and find another way; which we did.

The open road stretched out ahead and we were on the way to Mtwalume!

Early Morning Mtwalume

We arrived in Mtwalume early the next morning, tired from the rather long trip. We would only be spending the weekend and that meant we only had about 24 hours left.

After a quick breakfast we all took a quick, but well deserved, nap. Later on we headed for the beach and enjoyed the slightly overcast day in the water and relaxing.

Headed for the beach at Mtwalume, South Africa
Headed for the beach

I was able to take some great drone footage which I am still busy with, more on that later.

Mtwalume coastline view
View over the coastline

All in all it was a fun and relaxing day. It made me realize yet again that travel really is worth all the effort, time and money.

Mtwalume Sunrise

And not this is not some special drink! I had made plans to be up early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise at Mtwalume, South Africa
Mtwalume sunrise

Despite having missed the moment the sun breached the horizon, I was able to capture some beautiful photos as it continued to rise.

Mtwalume ocean view
Ocean view
View of the Mtwalume beach early in the morning
Early morning Mtwalume beach

The Long Road Home

Unfortunately we had to leave Mtwalume behind and head back home. The road wasn’t nearly as busy and the trip much faster, but I wished to be on the beach just one more day.

Wonderful colorful buildings along the way
Colorful buildings during our bathroom stop

We stopped a few times along the way but arrived home with enough time to relax before the start of the next week.

The Latest YouTube video

So I’ve been working on the Mtwalume video for about 2 weeks now! I am busy with the 4th version of the video after an update, forgetting to save and out of sync audio. Hopefully this will be the final version, so keep an eye out for the new video!


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