Final Day in Dar es Salaam

I entirely forgot to do the final post on my Dar es Salaam post! Silly me…

Our Last Day

Having had little sleep after our night of fun, I rose from my bed and felt like a zombie. A good breakfast would fix me right up I thought and slowly made my way to the breakfast area.

I ordered a normal breakfast and dug in, hungry as a horse! The others sat and spoke of business but I concentrated on my coffee and crispy bacon, content to have lived in that moment forever.

With the day’s plans laid out, we grabbed our bags, checked out and set off one last time. We are tasked to sort the last bit of outstanding business and then to take a taxi to the airport.

The task at hand is sorted within 20 minutes but we are then urged to make our way to the airport as the infamous Dar es Salaam traffic may lead to a missed flight. Rain erupted from the sky as we climbed into the taxi and requested to go to the airport. At the airport we passed through about three or four security checks and settled down to waited for our flight.

Unpacked Bags at the Airport

Suddenly my name echoed through the airport and I am requested to go to the check in counter. My nerves acted up and I slowly made my way to the counter, dreading what it is that they could have found. Fortunately it wasn’t my bag but rather my colleague’s bag that they needed him to open. During the dog inspection, they picked up on something that they needed to check. My colleague was led to where his luggage stood and started to unpack while I patiently sat and waited for him.

The boarding announcement finally started for our flight but it was only me. My colleague was still busy and I became nervous, fearing that he would miss the flight. Suddenly I saw a familiar face that ran up the stairs and came to a standstill next to me; he made it.

As we boarded the flight I said goodbye to Dar es Salaam, hoping that we would meet again soon.

My trip in Dar es Salaam was definitely a unique experience and I would not exchange it for anything. From when we arrived in Dar es Salaam, the stingy chicken, the tuk-tuk ride and the night of karaoke, the trip has planted fond memories that I will look back on and smile.

Things to Remember

There are a few things that I wish I had known before arriving in Dar es Salaam and I also received some advise beforehand;

  • Beware yellow fever. Even though Tanzania isn’t a yellow fever region anymore, I would still recommend that any traveler go for the yellow fever injection.
  • Get the African cocktail. Why stop with the yellow fever when you can get four more injections and be prepared for anything! Get all the injections and you know you are sorted.
  • The infamous Dar es Salaam traffic. As mentioned earlier, the traffic in Dar es Salaam can be intense, so prepare and leave in time, especially when going to the airport.
  • Malaria tablets? Many people have said not to take malaria tablet because it suppresses the symptoms; and this is actually true. I read up on this and the pills prevent malaria from spreading in your body; and the pills I used left me feeling uncomfortable for a few days. Best solution? Just use mosquito repellent, specifically those containing deet.
  • Any LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) is illegal in Tanzania and you will get looked up. A gay South African couple was locked up and even their South African lawyers were locked up just for trying to help.
  • Only drink bottled water and skip the ice. The water may not always be safe to drink, so beware. All drinks must be sealed and you must preferably break the seal.
  • Learn some Swahili. I learned a few words the night before and it helped with the locals. They really appreciate it when a foreigner put in some effort to learn their language.

Do you have any interesting tales of a trip in Tanzania? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Asante sana (‘thank you very much’ in Swahili) for reading and remember to like, comment and subscribe.


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